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The Well of Wishes

The queen of a snowy kingdom wants Ria and her sister dead.
The sisters are sick of hiding.
They enter the elite theater competition, gambling their lives for a chance at a future.

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The Snake, The Bear, And The Butterfly

In East Caisluish, pickpocket Etana hides a secret: She can hear the Song, a deadly magic. Her parents took the blame when it killed three royal guards, and Etana has never forgiven herself.
She spends her days stealing to pay off her brother’s debts, but when she steals something so valuable that the city turns upside down, she is captured. Her choice: lose an arm for theft, or study the Song with the very people who killed her parents.

Children are stressed because they are t

What They Stole

A mother who must rescue her stolen kids.
An heir who doesn't want his kingdom.
And a scientist who will do whatever it takes to get the answers she needs.

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Works In Progress

  • Contemporary adult romance

  • Adult fantasy


About Me

I grew up in California, which imbued me with a love of sushi, foggy weather, Victorian architecture, and books. All the books.

As a child, I was never bookless. At the dentist, while camping, waiting in line at the movies: I had a book in hand. At age seven I wrote my first short story collection titled, "My Book of Gory Deaths" by "the 2nd Agatha Christie." Such a humble kid.

Throughout my adventures and over the years, I somehow never became the author child-me had envisioned until I had a child of my own. It took a full thirty-six years before I pen to paper in a serious way.

Many books later, I still love sushi and foggy weather, though the latter is a rarity now that I live in Colorado. The stories I write tend to be about siblings, found-family, and magic, about self-acceptance and forgiveness, and most of all, about bravery in the face of terrible odds. All my books are LGBTQIA+ inclusive, something I am happily seeing more and more of in fantasy. I am still never bookless.

When I'm not writing or working, I spend time with my partner and two small kids, play old-time banjo, bake bread, and I've recently started boxing. My pronouns are she/her. I am actively looking for representation.


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