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Sophia K. Brinton

My Books


The Well of Wishes

The queen of a snowy kingdom wants Ria and her sister dead.
The sisters are sick of hiding.
They enter the elite theater competition, gambling their lives for a chance at a future.

Image by Josipa Juras

A Song Like The Wind

In East Caisluish, Pickpocket Etana hides a secret: She can hear the Song, a deadly magic that got her parents killed. Caught stealing, she’s given a choice: lose an arm for theft, or study her magic with the very people who killed her parents.

Etana meets with the Magic Eaters, a secret society tasked with controlling the Song. Despite herself, Etana begins to see beauty in the power she’s always dreaded—until she discovers a darkness among them. The Magic Eaters aren’t telling her the whole truth, and it might be too late to get out.

Children are stressed because they are t

What They Stole

A mother who must rescue her stolen kids.
An heir who doesn't want his kingdom.
And a scientist who will do whatever it takes to get the answers she needs.

Rocky Island

Work In Progress

  • ​Deep Water Eyes

    • Fantasy pitched as Point Break but with musicians

  • Meet Me At Pizzetta

    • Contemporary adult fiction set in San Francisco, CA

About Me

I've loved reading and writing since I was a child. At age nine I wrote a short story collection titled, "My Book of Gory Deaths" by "the 2nd Agatha Christie." Such a humble kid.

As an adult, the stories I write include siblings and found-family, with themes of self-acceptance, forgiveness, and bravery in the face of terrible odds. The hard things.

When I'm not writing or working, I spend time with my partner and two small kids, read endless books, play old-time banjo, bake bread, and get punched in the head (box).


My pronouns are she/they. I am actively looking for representation.


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