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Sophia K. Brinton

Writing stories about self-acceptance, forgiveness, and bravery in the face of terrible odds.

My Books


The Well of Wishes

The queen of a snowy kingdom wants Ria and her sister dead.

The sisters are sick of hiding.

They enter the elite theater competition, gambling their lives for a chance at a future.

A Song Like The Wind

In East Caisluish, Pickpocket Etana hides a secret: She can hear the Song, a deadly magic that got her parents killed. Caught stealing, she’s given a choice: life in the dungeon, or study her magic with the very people who killed her parents.


​​Etana meets with the Song Hunters, a secret society tasked with controlling the Song. Despite herself, Etana begins to see beauty in the power she’s always dreaded—until she discovers a darkness among them. The Song Hunters aren’t telling her the whole truth, and it might be too late to get out.

Image by Josipa Juras
Children are stressed because they are t

What They Stole

A mother who must rescue her stolen kids.

An heir who doesn't want his kingdom.

And a scientist who will do whatever it takes to get the answers she needs.

Water Cursed Eyes

After killing a girl with her rare water magic, Molly's family flees to a new island where she lives a safe, suffocating life.​


Tavien escapes an abusive Moon Cleric, exchanging his wealthy home for a barge where he joins the elite musical group, the Quartet.


Unable to make rent, Molly's parents will lose their office and their livelihood unless Molly spies on the Quartet for the island police, who believe the group is kidnapping children. It sounds simple, until she gets to know the Quartet and the truth about the kidnappings. She must choose between saving her family, or taking what might be her only shot at a life of her own.

Rocky Island
Scenic Bike Ride

Meet Me At Pizzeta

Contemporary adult fiction with romance and spice, where a young woman faces challenges in the workplace while learning to accept the loss of her father. Set in San Francisco, CA​

About Me

I've loved reading and writing since I was a child. At age nine I wrote a short story collection titled, "My Book of Gory Deaths" by "the 2nd Agatha Christie." Such a humble kid.

As an adult, the stories I write include siblings and found-family, with themes of self-acceptance, forgiveness, and bravery in the face of terrible odds. The hard things.

When I'm not writing or working, I spend time with my partner and two small kids, read endless books, play old-time banjo, bake bread, and get punched in the head (box). 


My pronouns are she/her, and they/them are fine too. I am actively looking for representation.

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